At Adda Bistro we encourage for a safer and healthy workplace and environment for our staff and guest. To protect our employee and ensure safe work environment for everyone we ensure:
  • 100 % Vaccination policy for everyone. All our employee is fully vaccination as approved by Health Canada.

  • In case anyone is sick, he / she wouldn’t be allowed to come to work. Our employees are covered under WSIB.

  • Wash hands frequently. All our washrooms are equipped with Touchfree hand wash and hand wash policy is enforced.

  • Frequent Sanitization of tables, chair, and frequently used areas such as door handles etc.

  • Wearing of Mask enforced.

To Learn more about coronavirus please visit

How we ensure our guest are safe:
  • Vaccination mandatory for all guest with no exception.

  • We used online contact tracing mechanism through online forms and QR code.

  • Our menus are all online, no paperwork.

  • All tables are sanitized using WHO approved cleaning agent (SANIBLU)

  • Reduced capacity to ensure no over and excess capacity of guest.

  • Kitchen are sanitized every day.

  • For special events capacity are reduced to ensure we have safe passage for every guest and mask are 100% Mandatory

  • We do provide mask & alcohol wipes onsite free of cost.

In case of questions or concerns please email restaurant manager at